Founded in 1844 by Baron Isidore Taylor (1789 – 1879) and recognized in 1881 as a non-profit association, the Taylor Foundation, formerly The Association of Artists, is one of the most significant institutions in the world of Beaux Arts. Its mission is to protect and assist artists in every way possible. To support the creation and appreciation of art by organizing exhibitions, and awarding subsidies and prizes to the artist community.

The Taylor Foundation was founded on the principles of solidarity. Its independence and longevity the tangible proofs of its intrinsic value.


En octobre dans la galerie - De Laforcade / Moïsette / Períco

Peinture 5 - 28 October 2023
Dans cette exposition consacrée à la peinture, les lumineuses vues intérieures de Maÿlis de Laforcade dialoguent avec les paysages crépusculaires de Lluís Perico et les routes enneigées de Ben Moïsette.