The Taylor Foundation strives daily to defend artists. Founded on the principle of solidarity and independence, the complementarity of its actions and lifespan make the Taylor Foundation a major actor when it comes to safeguarding our artistic heritage and supporting modern art and its creation.

As the Taylor Foundation seeks no public subsidies or grants, its actions are sustained over time by the management of donations made in favor of our Association.



A gift of 100 € costs no more than 34 €

A gift, granted in the form of a cash contribution, requires no notarized documentation or procedure. Gifts are tax-deductible up to 66% (within the limits of 20% taxable income, any surplus donated being spread out over a period of 5 years under the same conditions).

Creation of a permanent award

A gift of at least 35,000€ may be allocated to the creation of a permanent award, with the conditions of attribution established with the party making the gift.


Donations allow for the transmission of financial assets, real estate, etc. Donations are executed under a notarized deed and provides the same tax-deductible rights as gifts.

Léon-Georges Baudry par Odette Pauvert (coll. Fondation Taylor)


This provision under a Will allows the transmission of all or part of an individual’s estate, tax-free, in favor of the Taylor Foundation, providing that such bequests comply with the laws protecting rightful heirs.

Specific Conditions

As it is possible to bequeath all of one’s property without infringing on the rights of distant legal heirs (nieces and nephews, cousins…), the sole legatee may also have the responsibility of executing specific bequests.

This provision allows to add value to the bequests.

Last Will & Testament Gifts

It is possible to make a gift or donation of property or sums of money inherited under a Will and to benefit, as a result, from a reduction in succession taxes. The amount donated is deducted before the calculation of taxes owed.

The amount of donations is not limited but must be made no later than six months following the death of the Testator.